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The Anchorage Weavers and Spinners Guild is a non-profit organization dedicated to the encouragement of the fiber arts in Alaska. The guild seeks to promote the exhibition of fiber arts and to inform its members and the public through lectures, workshops and craft demonstrations.

We hold monthly meetings from September through May, often featuring a guest speaker. at 10:00 a.m. the second Saturday of the month at the Anchorage Museum in the Reynolds Classroom. Other Guild activities include beginning weaving and spinning classes, workshops led by professional instructors, demonstration of weaving and spinning at local events, participation in the Alaska State Fair, and a spring and fall fiber retreat in cooperation with the Valley Fiber Arts Guild.

September is the beginning of our new year of Guild activities and dues are again due! Guild dues are 25 dollars a year, and enable members to vote, participate in workshops & seminars, receive the newsletters and have access to our equipment & library resources. Membership to receive the newsletter only is $10/year. If you plan to be at the September meeting, we will have a basket up front where you can drop off your payment. If you won’t be at the meeting then please mail your dues to Anchorage Weavers & Spinners Guild, PO Box 244055, Anchorage, AK 99524-4055. Please be sure to update your contact information if you have moved too. We use the contact information to generate our infoblast and newsletter lists, so its important it keep it up to date if you want to stay in the know about guild happenings. The members only password on our website will change Nov 1st and you don’t want to be left out. PDF Membership Application

President’s Message

There's a lot to that medium-sized, but otherwise straightforward, word. I contemplated the meaning of "discovery" recently while foraging in the woods of my favorite blueberry picking spot of almost twenty years. As I made my final approach to "my" blueberry area it became quite obvious that "my" blueberry patch had been discovered. After getting over my initial feelings of shock, anger and resignation, I thought how wonderful it must have felt to those who "discovered" this wonderful place. Every bush loaded with berries, a view only to be had after a good, stiff mountain hike and then the reward of gallons of beautiful, fresh Alaskan blueberries. A true find. A real discovery.

"Discovery", thankfully, is not only to be had by outdoor enthusiasts. Anyone, either by happenstance or after a long serious study of practically anything, can experience the delightfully sweet, ephemeral sensation of discovery. A new weave structure, yarn construction or hand technique can offer a weaver or spinner the same "Oh My!" moment as an untouched blueberry bush in August.

As weavers and spinners, we know what those discovery moments feel like. But just like “my” blueberry patch, discoveries belong to no one. Instead, having been discovered and re-discovered countless times in the past, they are most certainly in waiting to be discovered and re-discovered by numerous others in the future. Regardless of this repeating history, the profound feelings of discovery are always fresh and new, never diminished, for the discoverer.

I hope you are looking forward to our 2014-2015 season with opportunities ready and ripe for many discoveries.

Pamela M. Grefsrud, President, AWSG

Seeking Volunteers
Would you like to be involved in Guild leadership? The Board is seeking some volunteers for the following ad-hoc committee positions:

Study Group Coordinator - The Study Group Coordinator is responsible for some coordination among study group leaders. Volunteer will provide a blurb to the newsletter indicating study groups are forthcoming and requesting group leaders, will facilitate group sign ups with a brief introduction of the program during the guild meeting and provide periodic program updates to the ANWG Board. Study Group coordinator will not be responsible for leading a study group, finding volunteer instructors or attending a study group (unless they so choose to participate in these activities). This position is open to any guild member and requires no spinning/weaving experience.

November Sale Assistant - Nicole has a training commitment the week of the sale and can’t be onsite on Friday for booth setup. We need a sale assistant to oversee the booth setup volunteers on Friday. It only takes a couple hours to get everything onsite and in place for the sale. We usually begin setup at around 4pm and the decorating volunteers are able to start putting items out at around 6pm. Nicole has written up directions for setup so there are very clear lists of what needs to be transported to site for setup and how things go together.

Community Service Project Coordinator - Traditionally the guild has had a community service project that members can contribute to. Examples of past projects include: chemo caps, lap robes and receiving blankets. We’d like suggestions for a new community service project and a volunteer to coordinate the effort. Suggestions and coordinator need not come from the same person.

If you are interested in any of these positions please contact Nicole Putnam at nickp@gci.net or Pamela Grefsrud, Pamela's email.

Alaska artists invited to apply for upcoming Anchorage Museum exhibitions
'All Alaska Juried’ and solo exhibition deadline is July 1. The winner of the Best of Show Award receives a $1,000 prize. “All Alaska Juried XXXV” opens Nov. 7 and will be on view through Feb. 1, 2015 at the Anchorage Museum. More information.

A heads up: Another Fashion Show is coming in 2015! See the events page for details.

Thank You ConocoPhillips
The Anchorage Weavers and Spinners Guild would like to extend a big thank you to ConocoPhillips for their grant of $500.  We plan to use this grant to replace outdated library materials for the Guild library.  The grant is made possible by Conoco Phillips Employee Involvement Program which is designed to support local non-profit organizations and employee volunteerism.  We were awarded this grant based on the service of Conoco Phillips employee, Sara Pates’ service as an ANWG Board Member.  Thank you Conoco Phillips and thank you Sara!

Threads 2011 Fashion Show and Atrium Sale at the Anchorage Museum
and Fashion Show slideshow

Anchorage Weavers and Spinners Guild is featured in "Craft a Guild" newsletter, about community service projects.

Below Julie Carter shows off her shadow weave at a monthly meeting during show and tell.

Julie Carter

Guild Library: The guild has a library of spinning and weaving books, videos and equipment available for rent to members.
members only page.



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